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SEERes Cares About Your Lung Conditions

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Detect adventitious sounds by AI deep learning

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How it Works

SEERes is Open to All. Get Your Breath Sounds Analysis Now!

Record Your Breath Sounds

Pleas use your recording devices, such as cell phones or tablets, to record a 15-30sec file of your breath sounds. The file type should be .wav.

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Upload your breath sounds file to our website.

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Your results will be shown on the website. We will also send a copy to your e-mail.

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Our Users

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Individuals Under Home Care

We are providing individuals under home care a platform to monitor their respiratory conditions. With an overview of lung conditions, you will know exactly when to contact your primary healthcare providers and describe the conditions in detail.


This is a reliable platform that you can use outside the hospital. You can E-mail your result to your own doctor and get medical advices from him/her directly.


We are conducting several clinical trials over various institutions, on topics including respiratory monitoing on patients with OSA, asthma, or COPD, as well as the effectiveness of dialysis on improving abnormal breathing sounds. We are seeking your input and collaboration. Contact us!

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